Smart Cities

July 27 - August 2, 2014, Lipari Island

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The Jacob T. Schwartz International School for Scientific Research in 2010 opened a new set of summer schools on Computational Complex Systems

The 2014 edition addresses Ph.D. students, junior and senior researchers to the forefront of research activity on data mining and computational models for the analysis, modeling and understanding smart cities. Recognized authorities in the field will give formal lectures tailoring these for an interdisciplinary audience. Participants will also have the opportunity to present the results of their research during a short communication session. As a whole, the planned summer school will allow participants to be exposed to cutting edge results in one of the most challenging research area, while at the same time enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of one of the most beautiful italian islands.


  • Luis Bettencourt
    The Kind of Problem a City is. Quantitative Theory of City Size. The Individual in the City, Statistics and Growth [abstract]
    Santa Fe Institute, USA

  • Alexei Pozdnoukhov
    UC Berkeley, USA

  • Michael Batty
    Representing and simulating cities [abstract]
    The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UK

Guest Speakers

  • Dirk Helbing
    Self-Organization and Self-Optimization of Traffic Flows on Freeways and in Urban Networks [abstract]
    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  • Vito Latora
    The growth of cities and neural networks [abstract]
    Queen Mary University of London, UK and Università di Catania INFN, IT

Special Guest Speaker

  • Francesco Profumo
    Chairman of the Smart City Observatory ANCI [abstract]
    IREN Group President, ESCP Europe Torino Campus President, Chairman of the Smart City Observatory ANCI , Italy


Participants will be arranged in a comfortable hotel at very special rates. The conference room (in the same hotel) is air-conditioned and equipped with all conference materials. Special areas are reserved to students for the afternoon coursework and study. The island of Lipari can be easily  reached  from Milazzo, Palermo, Naples, Messina and Reggio Calabria by ferry or hydrofoil (50 minutes from Milazzo).

Two kinds of participants are welcome. Students: Participants who are expected to do afternoon courseworks and take a final exam (The grades will be given following the ECTS grading scale). The course will involve a total of 24 hours of teaching. According to our university rules passing the final exam gives right to an equivalent of 6 ECTS credits in any Ph.D. program. Auditors: participants who are not interested in taking the final exam.
Registration fee is 470 Euros. The fee covers the course material, bus+hydrofoil Catania airport-Lipari-Catania airport, social event. Late registration is 570 Euros.

Short Communication Session
Accepted participants may submit an abstract to present their research activity. The abstract should be submitted before 30 May 2014. One page abstract in pdf format to send by email to Ferro Alfredo and cc Alfredo Pulvirenti/Rosalba Giugno.

Deadline for application is June 30, 2014 (admission notification will start on March 1st according to registration time).

Applicants must include a short curriculum vitae and specify two professors whom letters of recommendation will be asked to, if deemed necessary. Applicants will be notified about admission by May 29, 2014.
The official language is English.

School Directors

  • Prof. Alfredo Ferro (University of Catania)
  • Prof. Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich)
  • Prof. Andrea Rapisarda (University of Catania)
  • Prof. Santo Fortunato (Aalto University)

  • Dr. Rosalba Giugno (co-director, University of Catania)
  • Dr. Alessandro Pluchino (co-director, University of Catania)
  • Dr. Alfredo Pulvirenti (co-director, University of Catania)

People interested in receiving further information about the school can contact:

Lipari School Organization
Prof. Alfredo Ferro -- Lipari School secretary
Universita' degli Studi di Catania - Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Citta' Universitaria - Viale A.Doria, 6 - 95125 Catania - ITALY
Tel: +39 095 7383071
Fax: +39 095 7337032 / +39 095 330094